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¡¡¡¡Philosophy on human resources: in terms of the so-called human resources, our philosophy is to dig, snatch and cultivate talents as a kind of rare resources rather than a kind of cost.

     HR strategy: attract talents with a wide platform, detain talents with favorable treatment, influence talents with profound culture, and accomplish talent with advantageous conditions.

¡¡¡¡ HR Tenet: our company establishes a talents cultivation system according to the requirements on ability to realize strategic target.  The staff and Feida jointly undertake the responsibility of capacity enhancement.  Staff himself or herself is the main body of his/her personal development, and the superior leader is the guide to the staff¡¯s development, and HR department is the organizer of staff development.  The three parties keeps sound interaction and communication, so that the staff¡¯s demand and requirement of the company can find the best jointing point, to make staff grow together with Feida and realize win-win of the staff and the enterprise.

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