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ˇˇˇˇThe company through the positive study of the dynamic development of the industry and with international well-known tools business communication, collection, analysis and related domestic and foreign technical trend and market information, to determine the company's products and technology development direction provide reference. The company is committed to creating a good working environment and conditions, to establish scientific and technological personnel incentive mechanism and performance evaluation mechanism, organize technical staff to carry out system of business training, and attract high-level technical personnel in various forms for the company's services, for clients and society to provide the optimal cost-effective technology, products and services. Through independent and cooperative development, currently has 24 patents. R & D Organization: company by general manager and chief engineer management and arrangement of the company's product research and development, and dedicated technical department, specializing in new product development, technology development, equipment matching and standardization work. New product development process: the company in product design and development, to customer needs and market demand, formulate detailed process development plans, give full consideration to the social resources, tooling, equipment, technology, logistics, production environment and other factors, and in full understanding of technical terms on the basis, combined with the actual production experience and customer specific requirements, comprehensive analysis and discussion of the development of new products, ensure product comprehensive quality, complete the work and customer satisfaction.

ˇˇˇˇProducts in strict accordance with international standards and national standards organization of production, through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. Company in accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 quality management systems - Requirements"" standards, combined with international, national and industry standards and customer requirements, developed a" quality manual"," program files" products such as compilation of technical standards and complete quality control system, each of the quality control points are to develop the product inspection the standard work instruction. The company from raw materials into the factory inspection, process inspection to finished product inspection, to all inspectors were related to post quality inspection documents and other aspects of training system, assessment of qualified after induction. In order to effectively implement the process quality control, monthly for the Department and staff cost of implementation and the qualified rate of assessment, improve the quality of staff awareness and operational skills. The company also focus on applying statistical method on the process and key day-to-day control, through timely analyses, on the presence of abnormal situation, take corrective and preventive treatment. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce awarded the " Feida" trademark" a well-known trademark in China " title, national quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau awarded Feida tools products" product of Chinese famous brand" title.

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