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Jiangsu FeiDa Group held a meeting to memorize the 90th anniversary of Chinese Communist Party

On the morning of July 1th,FeiDa group held the 90th anniversary to celebrate the foundation of Chinese communist party on the third floor in administration building for the purpose to celebrate party’s day ,encouraging party members ,leaders ,all the staffs and villagers work together to make their effort for the leap of Jiangsu Feida group. Zhu Guoping, president of Jiangsu Feida Group, secretary of the Party committee made a speech in the celebration, deputy secretary of FeiDa village party Zhu Bin took the chair .Deputy mayor of DanYang, secretary of the Party committee Shen Liuhai attended the meeting.All village party members ,leaders and village representatives along with party members of Feida Group participated in the meeting.

The meeting began with the solemn national anthem.First , all the participants watched the short film made by the office of FeiDa Group named “The evolution of FeiDa Group”.It told the story of FeiDa village ,the party members who always put the publics and villagers’ interests into the first consideration changed the village.Through the narration and review as well as programming of the villagers ,a new socialist countryside full of vigor and hope came into being.

      On the meeting ,there are another two excellent comrades joined CPC:Wang Mao and Jin Zhaohui in  MCC east Jiangsu heavy industry Project department .Zhang Jun , Deputy secretary of the party committee       of FeiDa Group lead them to swear an oath in the ceremony. All the senior party members faced the party flag and took the oath:” I am willing to join the Chinese communist party, support, abide by the party's articles of association, and perform the obligation to carry out the party's decision to party members,obey  the party's discipline”.

Next, Zhang Jun , Deputy secretary of the party committee     of FeiDa Group announced “the decision to praise outstanding communist party members”. More then 12 party members in FeiDa Group and FeiDa village Won the "outstanding communist party member" honorary title and got recognition and appreciation.

   Zhu Guoping, Chairman of the Board and secretary of the Party committee of Jiangsu Feida Group delivered a speech,he made a review and conclusion of FeiDa party committee in recent years, at the same time ,he  proposed a new demand and wish for  further work plan .He hopes all the party members ,leaders could do their best  and make contribution to the development of FeiDa Group ,in order to bulid “ the first village of Yangtze River”. 

Shen Liuhai ,Deputy mayor of DanYang, secretary of the Party committee in HouXiang town made an important speech on the meeting. He  extended festive greetings to all the communist party members in FeiDa Group and FeiDa village on behalf of party committee and government in HouXiang town ,and put forward three expectations : first ,clarify develop strategy for the scientific development  of FeiDa; second,intensify operating management for FeiDa’s Quality development; third,improve Service quality to Promote long-term development   .

Finally , The meeting ended up with the singing of The Internationale.






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